The Inspired Sales Force.

At the Young Entrepreneur Sales Agency (YESA), we develop empowered, ethical, young sales professionals and partner them with smart, progressive organizations that are intentional in their approach to sustainable growth and social responsibility.

YESAcademy is a sales training program that prepares young talent for a game-changing career in revenue generation.

YESAcquisitions has accelerated sales for some of Canada’s most recognized brands. Meet our ethical, motivated sales talent.


YESAcademy offers the next generation of young entrepreneurs the chance to begin their careers with something more than a student loan and a job to repay it. YESAcademy is shattering sales stereotypes and reshaping the way young professionals enter the workplace.

Change Your Future

Imagine an education that you get paid for. Imagine graduating—not with a massive student loan and uncertainty, but with money in the bank, in-demand skills, a polished personal brand, a proven revenue portfolio, and a secure work placement. Training is offered at no cost to successful applicants, and YESA students begin earning a paycheque as soon as they complete the bootcamp process.

How it works

  • · Apply to enroll in YESAcademy.
  • · Take an entry test to determine your ideal sales role.
  • · Begin your junior sales position while enrolled in an intensive, 24-week sales proficiency program.
  • · Spend 7 days in the YESA personal success and sales bootcamp.
  • · Continue with ongoing training through Grant Cardone University, building a strong portfolio of results until you graduate.

Change yourselfChange your futureChange the world



YESAcquisitions disrupts the traditional modes of selling. Through the YESAcademy, our dedicated training institution, we develop entry-level sales talent into fully fledged sales professionals— and we plug that talent directly into your front line.

Change Your Sales Potential

Our sales teams enable businesses to benefit from young, motivated talent who are part of a new movement in productivity and passion. Every member of the team is ethical and effectively trained to understand and communicate what your executives want to convey about your brand. The sales we provide are brand-appropriate and values-aligned. Our salespeople are fully vested in our client’s business because their compensation, personal brand, and portfolio are directly linked to achieving the client’s goals.

How it works

  • ·We meet with you and listen to your business dynamics.
  • ·You set your customer acquisition goals.
  • ·We create a sales solution to support those goals.
  • ·We train and deploy an outbound sales team.
  • ·You pay a fee per acquired customer.

Business benefits

  • Control costs with predictable, performance-based compensation.
  • Enhance your brand with ethical, reputable sales professionals.
  • Receive a sales solution that is fully customized to your unique requirements.
  • Help today's young, motivated talent gain valuable, real-world experience.

We have helped some of Canada’s most recognized brands accelerate.


To create the largest rise of empowered young professionals ever seen in history.

Brand over Sales.

We produce ethical salespeople who understand the big picture and put our clients brand and reputation ahead of quick wins.

Why over What.

By understanding your culture and vision we are able to apply elevated levels of ingenuity while remaining brand correct.

People over Products.

Our clients’ success is built on our ability to find and shape the brightest minds. We help people be more than they thought possible.

Ethics over Everything.

We achieve unparalleled results because we prioritize customer trust over the need to close the deal.

The YESA Team

Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder

Corrie is the co-founder and Chairman at YESA. Corrie leads both curriculum and market approach development for YESAcademy and YESAcquistions. Prior to founding YESA, Corrie co-founded and Directed Sales Training at Ledcor’s LTS Sales Organization. This division grew into a 200+ representative sales organization within its first 36 months of business. As Director of Sales Development, Corrie designed LTS Sales’ recruitment strategy, training curriculum and market sales approach for their largest client TELUS. The LTS Sales Organization is currently the highest performing D2C and B2B sales vendor in the telecom space. Before his venture with Ledcor, Corrie began his career as one of the highest performing sales professionals in Canada’s largest direct sales company.

Board Member, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder

Kyle manages and directs all operating and financing activities for YESA, shapes strategic direction, ensuring project execution and oversight of corporate governance. Prior to founding YESA, Kyle was responsible for departmental interlock at Ledcor's LTS Sales Organization for their largest client TELUS. As Operations Manager, Kyle lead a team that supported and consulted for 8 major business units, both inside Ledcor as well as the TELUS counterparts. His responsibilities also included sales forecasting, resource planning, operational support and client relationship management at a director level. Before the age 20, Kyle founded 3 different businesses, sold 1 and then went on to earn an Accounting Degree at Western University.


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